Medical moulds for plastic laboratory disposables

Medical Injection Molding has now become one of the strongest emerging and growing industries in the western world, but also in countries such as China and India… Even if this practice has its applications in all industries, this has to be viewed more cautiously in our molder’s factory as even the smallest mistake can cause a big blunder when it comes to this industry.

As a quality mould manufacturer in China, we pay close attention on the medical moulds for disposable medical devices and medical testing supplies. We have successfully made petri dish mould, urine cup mould, test tube mould, measuring cup mould, sample container mould, kidney tray mould, centrifuge tube mould etc for our customers. The wide ranges of diagnostic products are unbreakable in nature thus extensively used in the field medical consumables and lab supplies.

The mould requirement for medical products is very high as the product inspection standards are extremely strict. We need ensure high-precision machining and get well known the purpose of the articles.

First, the mold steel material should be with high hardness. Generally, NAK80/S136 steel is widely used for medical disposables. The steel has a small degree of thermal deformation and excellent discharge.

Second, the control of machining accuracy is particularly important. We chose imported high-speed lathes when selecting processing equipment, and tried to use equipment that was not used for 5 years, because the actual machining accuracy of equipment that has been out of the old years has deviated, which will directly affect the molding of the products. To use the copper electrode is not easy to wear, high-speed carved in place after the mold and then use the mirror electric spark to hit the position.

Third, the mould design waterway layout needs to be dense and reasonable, especially the key cooling parts. We regulate the temperature with very strategic cooling line placement and coverage. On larger more critical projects, additional time is invested in thermal analysis for cooling line optimization

Our process to make plastic medical moulds:

–Receiving the prepayment from customers

–Checking the drawing or sample, then making the 3D product design and mould design, later sending to customers for confirmation (if the complex mould, we will do mould flow for easier making)

–Cutting the mould steel, and inspecting

–Rough CNC Machining on cavity, core, insert, slider, etc.

–Gun drilling for heating or cooling system

–Heat treatment

–Finishing Machining on cavity, core, insert, slider, etc.

–Wire cutting


–Re-checking the machine working

–Polishing the mould surface

–Mould Assembling

–Testing the mould, and sending the samples by delivery with videos to customers for checking

–If the samples need to amend, we will re-machining the mould and re-test, until making the satisfied product.

If the sample is ok, we will prepare for shipping

Here is our website to have a look that we made many plastic moulds for our customers.

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