Plastic test tube mould

Medical plastic test tubes are often used to collect and store blood, urine, pus, and synovial fluid, and are widely used in the medical market.

For PP test tube molds, the cavity and core steel material is S136. After vacuum quenching, the hardness reaches 50HRC and the service life is at least 5 million molds. At the same time, the core cavity is mirror polished to ensure that the surface of the product is as bright as a mirror. With the high-speed machine and high-quality needle valve hot runner system, the molding cycle can be up to 8s, which effectively guarantees the production efficiency. At the same time, the dimensional accuracy of each part of the test tube mold and the interchangeability between the parts are equivalent to further improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Mold specification introduction:

Product size: Φ12.575/ Φ12.5100/Φ13*100

Product material: PP, PS, PET, PE

Number of mold cavities: 12-32 cavities

Mold size: 660x500x478mm (taking 32 cavity as an example)

Mold steel: S136

Mold injection system: needle gate

Mold ejection system: push plate

Mold cycle: 8-18s

Mold life: at least 3 million molds

Introduction of mold advantages:

-Self-locking structure of core cavity, the same parts can be interchanged, easy to maintain

-High-precision mold processing equipment to accurately control mold precision

-Good cooling system, short molding cycle

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