Medical Mould Maker

Pipette tip moulds
Pipette tip mould

The normalization of the epidemic has led to an explosive growth in the in vitro diagnostic market, and the liquid handling methods required in the diagnosis are usually completed by pipettes and tips.

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test tube moulds
Plastic test tube mould

Medical plastic test tubes are often used to collect and store blood, urine, pus, and synovial fluid, and are widely used in the medical market. For PP test tube molds, the cavity and core steel material is S136.

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medical mould maker
Medical mould maker

Micon mould has a team of experienced mold makers from the designing stage to the manufacturing of plastic injection molds to meet customer’s demand for a high quality injected products. The medical moulds we make have: urine cup mould, medicine cup mould, petri dish mould, test tube mold, centrifuge tube mould, pipette tip mould, deep well plate mould, medical instruments mould and so on.

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